Space Maintenance

Early Orthodontic Treatment To Prevent Crowding

While it may be difficult to notice, a child’s baby teeth or “primary” teeth are actually smaller than the permanent teeth that develop as they get older. Because this first set of teeth is much smaller, it’s common for the jaw to not develop with enough space necessary to accommodate for the adult teeth. Without enough space, the adult teeth end up erupting in various directions and result in crowding which can extend the time necessary orthodontic treatment that may be needed in the future.

At Pedodontics P.C., we help our younger patients prevent crowding in their teeth by providing them with early orthodontic care that will pave the way for a healthier smile and smoother orthodontic treatment in the future. To accomplish this, we utilize a technique that preserves something called “leeway” space, which is the extra space in the mouth due to the “baby molars” being bigger than the permanent teeth that replace them. By using space maintainers, the permanent teeth can utilize this extra space to erupt more naturally , preventing crowding.

There are two main space maintenance treatment that we offer, which include LLHA, and Nance. To learn more about these treatments, check out the information below:

Lower Lingual Holding Arch (LLHA)

The lower lingual holding arch, or LLHA, is a space maintainer appliance that is attached to the lower molar teeth using orthodontic bands. The arch consists of a metal bar that extends along the inside of the lower teeth and rests on the back side of the front teeth. This appliance prevents forward the molars in the back of the mouth from migrating once the baby teeth are lost.


The Nance, or upper holding arch, is an appliance that is designed to maintain space for the upper jaw. Using orthodontic bands, this appliance is attached to the upper molars for a secure and comfortable fit. The appliance has a wire that extends along the back side of the teeth, with a small acrylic piece that rests on the upper palate of your mouth. The piece of acrylic acts as an anchor, preventing the back molars from moving forward and taking up that important space needed for the developing teeth.

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