Elastics For Braces

At Pedodontics, P.C., our mission is to help each one of our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Our doctors and expert team work hard to design personalized treatment plans for each patient, using the best orthodontic appliance to meet their specific needs.

While braces alone do a great job of aligning teeth, they cannot align your jaw or bite without a little help from elastics. Elastics are rubber bands that our doctors use to assist with the movement of your jaw to give our patients the smile they deserve.

What They Are & How They Work

Elastics work by giving your jaw constant pressure in a specific direction. This is done by attaching the elastics to specially made brackets equipped with a hook for the elastic to hold on to. Throughout the day, activities like talking, chewing, and other jaw movements will put pressure on your jaw and slowly move them to the desired position.

Elastics are usually made of latex, but we also provides alternative elastics for our patients with latex allergies. They also come in different sizes and strengths to help accommodate different jaws and severity of cases and we will determine the size and strength right for your case at the time of treatment.

When to Wear Your Elastics

Every patient is different, but generally you should expect to always wear your elastics. You should only remove them if you are brushing your teeth or if you are participating in a sport that requires a mouth guard. You should also make sure to wear your elastics while you are eating, as this is a great time to give your jaw and elastics a workout and help move your jaw in the right direction. It is also important to wear your elastics as often as possible because it could help shorten your treatment time.

A Straighter Smile in Omaha, NE

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