4 Common Pediatric Dental Issues

As apediatric dentist in Omaha, NE, we see our fair share of childhood dental issues. While your youngster may be perfect in every other way, they may need some help in the dental department. Here are four of the most common pediatric dental issues that we see in our practice.

1. Persistent Thumb Sucking
Thumb sucking is a natural part of growing up. Some babies even suck their thumb in-utero! Beyond a certain age, though, thumb-sucking can become a dental problem. Typically, if this habit persists beyond the age of four, teeth can become misaligned, and even the jaw may incur developmental problems.

2. Teeth Rotting
It’s an odd fact, but teeth can actually rot before they even have a chance to erupt from the gums. This usually happens due to a genetic predisposition and excess sugar consumption. Sugar hides in otherwise healthy foods and drinks, including apple juice, milk, and fresh fruit. Moderation and oral hygiene are essential!

3. Tongue Thrusting
Tongue thrusting is the habit of pushing the tongue against or between the teeth during swallowing. If left unaddressed, it can contribute to dental misalignment and speech issues.

4. Teeth Grinding
Many children grind their teeth at night, unbeknownst to their parents. This habit is evident at the dentist’s office, however, as bruxism causes damage to teeth. It can also be discovered from other symptoms, such as chronic headaches and jaw or neck pain.

Your child’s firstpediatric dentist appointment in Omaha, NE, should occur no later than their first birthday or when the first tooth erupts. Starting your child early on with routine dental visits is a great first step toward a lifetime of dental health. Contact us today to book your child’s appointment!

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