4 Signs Your Child Needs Braces

Braces are an important tool that dentists can use to help create straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Many kids eventually need braces to help correct problems like tooth misalignment and jaw problems, but is your child one of them? Knowing the signs that your child may needbraces in Omaha, NE, is important. The earlier that your child gets braces, if braces are needed, the better.

What to Watch For
There are many signs that you may notice if your child needs braces. Below are some clear indicators that could mean your child could benefit from braces.

Difficulty chewing and biting. Your child’s teeth should line up properly to facilitate chewing food. If your child needs to work harder just to chew their food or constantly biting the inside of their mouth while chewing, this could be a sign that their teeth aren’t well-aligned.
Crowded teeth. Crowded teeth happen when the jaw is too small for all the teeth that need to fit in the mouth. Crowded teeth are usually crooked and may overlap with each other in a way that makes brushing and flossing difficult. This problem needs to be corrected because it can impact your child’s overall health.
Misaligned teeth and jaw misalignment. Tooth and jaw misalignment, including conditions like overbite, can cause difficulty chewing and biting. Braces can help correct this problem.
Difficulty talking. Misalignment of the teeth and jaw can make speaking difficult. Your child may have a lisp or speech impediment if this is the case.
Think Your Child Needs Braces? Get Started
If you think your child needs braces, talk to your child’spedodontist in Omaha, NE. At Pedodontics, P.C., we can help you determine whether braces are called for and, if so, what kind of braces. Call today to make an appointment.

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