The Difference Between Invisible Braces and Clear Aligners

Invisible braces and clear aligners may sound as though they’re the same treatment. However, they’re vastly different. While both serve to straighten and reposition your child’s teeth, the processes aren’t the same. The two treatments have different appearances, as well. Talk to your pediatric dentist in Omaha, NE, to find out when one might be preferable to the other.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Just like traditional metal braces, invisible braces use sets of brackets, connected by wires, to straighten your child’s teeth. However, the brackets used in invisible braces are the same color as natural teeth. They’re made of ceramic, and while they attach to the front of the teeth, they’re much harder to see. When attached with clear wire, they blend much more seamlessly into your child’s smile.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners, conversely, use sets of hard plastic trays to straighten teeth in small increments. The trays slide into place over the teeth and can be removed for eating and cleaning. This type of aligner must be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours per day in order to shift teeth as intended.

While clear aligners are more discreet, they also require more self-discipline and repeat visits to your dentist to switch out the trays every few weeks.

Which One Is Best for Your Child?

Your child’s dentist can help you choose the best teeth-straightening method. However, at Pedodontics P.C., we’ve found invisible braces to be a tried-and-true solution, especially for younger patients. They don’t require the same level of discipline at home that clear aligners require. This means you won’t have to worry whether your child is wearing them long enough each day to allow them to do the job for which they’re intended.

Call Pedodontics, P.C. today, for help with invisible braces in Omaha, NE.

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