Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Braces

Children often need braces before they have the full maturity to accept the situation completely. For youngsters, braces may feel less like a way to improve their teeth and more like a problem. These tips to help your child adjust to braces may help.

Adjust Their Treats

Your child may have certain favorite treats that may not work well with braces. Your pedodontist in Omaha, NE, will give you a list of foods and snacks to avoid. But it’s too much to expect your child to give up all the treats. A good idea is to substitute old treats for new ones. Ideas for treats that won’t get stuck in braces include fruit yogurt, dried banana chips, easy-peel tangerines, applesauce, and more.

Share Books About Kids With Braces

It will be easier for your child to accept wearing braces if they know they aren’t the only one. Source books online and at the library about kids with braces and pictures of children wearing braces. You may even be able to find ones with a humorous plot line.

Talk to Them About Why the Braces are Necessary

Don’t assume that your child knows that their teeth alignment problems need correction. Take the time to explain why the braces are necessary and answer all their questions truthfully. Remember that your child may think up new questions after your “chat,” so be prepared to discuss it each time the topic comes up.

If braces for kids in Omaha, NE, is something that your family is facing, talk to your pedodontist for help and inspiration for getting your child on board with the idea. In the meantime, contact us to book your child’s next appointment for dental treatment. We look forward to helping your child get a big, beautiful smile!

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