Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment in Omaha, NE

Posted on 10/15/2020

Early treatment refers to orthodontic intervention when primary or “baby” teeth are still present. Our team at Pedodontics, P.C. wants to address orthodontic problems early, making treatment plans easier and more cost-effective for children and their families. The goal of early treatment is to minimize or eliminate the need for a secondary stage of orthodontics. Our Omaha, NE orthodontists can improve smiles at any age, but early attention can often prevent future obstacles. Pedodontics, P.C. will gladly help any patient make an informed decision concerning the optimal time for his or her treatment and when Omaha braces may be necessary.

Orthodontics for Children

The American Academy of Orthodontists recommends that your child have an orthodontic examination by age seven — for two very good reasons:

  • There’s a wide disparity in tooth development at age seven. Our Omaha orthodontist will be able to tell if your child has an orthodontic problem or not. By this time, they can determine whether or not there will be adequate room in the mouth to accommodate the permanent teeth.
  • There are many conditions far easier to treat if they’re caught at an early stage when a child’s natural growth is in full swing. For example, a palatal expander appliance can effectively treat a child’s crossbite because their jaw is still growing rapidly.

There are other problems commonly seen in childhood that may also benefit from orthodontic treatment. These include the early or late loss of baby teeth, persistent thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing. If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be time to visit our office. But keep in mind that early screening doesn’t mean treatment has to start right away. In fact, most kids do not begin active orthodontic treatment until they’re 9-14 years old. At this time, you can discuss braces in Omaha, NE with our orthodontic team.

Advantages of Early Treatment in Omaha

While early orthodontic treatment for kids can be used to fix many different bite problems, it can also provide many other benefits:

  • It can reduce the complexity of later orthodontic treatment.
  • It will save you and your child time and money in the long run – orthodontic problems that are left alone will likely get worse over time.
  • It can create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth.
  • It will reduce the need for tooth extraction.
  • It may even give your child a boost of self-esteem!

Contact Pedodontics, P.C. for Early Orthodontic Treatment Today!

If you are interested in early orthodontic treatment or braces in Omaha, NE, contact Pedodontics, P.C. today! Our orthodontic team will be happy to schedule an appointment for you and your child and walk you through the initial steps of orthodontic treatment. We hope to see you soon!

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