Are Removable Palate Expanders as Effective as Fixed Ones?

Posted on 11/28/2022

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Besides providing metal braces, clear braces, and other pediatric dental care for our Omaha patients, Pedodontics, P.C. also provides fixed and removable palate expanders. As your pediatric dentist in Omaha, we are eager to explore a question many parents ask. That is, “Are removable palate expanders as effective as fixed ones?”

What Are Palate Expanders?

Palate expanders are tools used by your children’s orthodontist in Omaha NE to expand a narrow roof of the mouth, thereby also widening the upper jaw. This expansion is important to prevent crooked, crowded, or overlapping teeth. It also prevents the painful issues of impacted teeth or a crossbite. By wearing a palate expander under the care of a pediatric dentist Omaha trusts, your child’s permanent teeth more easily grow into their proper positions.

Fixed vs. Removable Palate Expanders

Palate expanders are made up of brackets that fit into the roof of your child’s mouth. They are two pieces attached to the molars on each side of the upper jaw. Holding the two brackets together is a middle screw. Parents must follow a schedule provided by their children’s orthodontist in Omaha NE for turning off this screw. It is turned by a special key, creating pressure on the jawbones and moving them slowly apart.

Fixed palate expanders include two types that require the turning of a middle screw. These two types are the hyrax rapid palatal expander and the Haas expander. A third fixed type, a quad helix appliance, gently opens on its own over time.

A removable palate expander is best suited to young people needing only minimal jaw expansion. These are worn all day, every day, except when eating, brushing teeth, or playing sports. They also feature a middle screw in the roof of the mouth that requires manipulation two to three times per week.

Are Removable Palate Expanders as Effective as Fixed Ones?

Removable palate expanders are equally effective as fixed types when worn as prescribed by your child’s pediatric dentist in Omaha. It is important to supervise your child’s daily wear because the palate expander is only effective if it is kept in place within the mouth around-the-clock, except during toothbrushing, eating, or active sports. Likewise, the parent must adjust the expander two to three times weekly, as directed by the orthodontist.

Of course, not all types of palate expanders work for all patients. Your children’s orthodontist in Omaha NE will assess your child’s needs to determine whether they qualify for a removable or a fixed palate expander.

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