Why Your Child Might Need Orthodontic Surgery

Posted on 01/06/2022

At Pedodontics, P.C., the majority of bite or teeth alignment issues can be corrected using advanced methods of dental and orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, however, skeletal and dental irregularities aren’t so easy to remedy, even with the most up-to-date non-surgical techniques. That’s when corrective jaw surgery (also called orthognathic surgery) may be recommended along with orthodontics by your pediatric dentist in Omaha, NE.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

While it may sound like a complex and demanding treatment, jaw surgery isn’t always so serious. It’s often performed as a routine in-office procedure — for example, to extract impacted wisdom teeth or to place dental implants in the jaw. However, it can also be used to remedy severe orthodontic problems involving the relationship between the teeth and jaws.

Who Can Benefit From Orthodontic Surgery?

Our kid’s orthodontist in Omaha often recommends patients who have problems related to the jaws, tooth alignment, and facial asymmetries for orthodontic surgery as they may benefit greatly from the procedure. These procedures can also be used to correct aesthetic issues, such as a protruding jaw, a congenital defect, or an unbalanced facial appearance.

After a thorough examination at “orthodontist near me”, we will let you know if your child is a candidate for orthognathic surgery. In general, if early orthodontic treatment can solve the problem, that’s where you will start. While orthodontics can successfully align the teeth, it’s sometimes the jaws themselves that need to be brought into line. In most cases, orthodontic appliances, such as braces and retainers, will be used before and after the surgical phase of treatment, to ensure that your child will end up with an effective result.

Conditions that Orthodontic Jaw Surgery Can Treat

Conditions that can be successfully treated with corrective orthognathic surgery include the following:

  • Open bite, protruding jaw, or receding chin;
  • Congenital defects such as a cleft palate;
  • Malocclusions (bite problems) resulting from underbites or severe overbites;
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea, when more conservative methods fail;
  • Difficulty swallowing, chewing, or biting food;
  • Chronic jaw or jaw joint (TMJ) pain and headache;
  • Unbalanced facial appearance from the front or side;
  • Inability to make the lips meet without straining;
  • Chronic mouth breathing and dry mouth; and
  • Facial trauma.

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To understand if your child may need orthodontic surgery prior to braces, contact our kid’s orthodontist in Omaha at Pedodontics, P.C. We will ensure that your child receives the orthodontic care that they need and deserve to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. We look forward to seeing you at our “orthodontist near me” soon!

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