How To Support Sustainable Dentistry

Posted on 06/22/2020

In an age where the entire world is starting to see the negative effects of our industrial practices, it is necessary for consumers to change our behaviors and actions. Our doctors and our team at Pedodontics, P.C. as a whole are aspiring to make changes one day at a time by adapting to different resources that support sustainable dentistry. Every little change helps! This is why we’ve decided to ask our patients to stand with us against the effects of climate change and join us in changing our practices in order to leave a better world for the future. Our changes begin here at our pediatric dentistry in Omaha, NE, but we hope that all of our readers will take initiative to begin changes around the world. The following are some tips that we’ve come up with to help combat climate change!

Avoid Water Waste by Using Less Water

Because water is usually available at our fingertips, it makes sense that we often take its presence for granted. We have to remember, however, that there are many places around the world where potable water is not at people’s disposal. When using water, be mindful of closing the tap during unnecessary times such as when you’re brushing your teeth, scrubbing your dishes, only running the dishwasher/washing machine when you have a full load, etc.

Consider Stocking All-Natural Cleaning Supplies

There are actually many great green cleaning supplies available in the market that do just as great a job as regular cleaning supplies, but without the chemicals that are detrimental to our earth and our oceans. Cleaning solutions exist for your kitchen surface, wood and tile floor, bathrooms, laundry, glass/mirrors, etc. that are biodegradable and plant/mineral based. Not only do they avoid harmful effects in the environment, they are also crafted to be safe for your family, non-toxic, fragrance free (for those with allergies or sensitivities), and non-GMO.

Alternative Green Dental Supplies

Instead of Plastic Toothbrushes…

Use bamboo toothbrushes! Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable, unlike common plastic toothbrushes. Some even come with charcoal bristles for a more natural way of cleaning!

Instead of Regular Toothpaste…

Use charcoal powder! Charcoal has activated ingredients that both clean and kill bad oral bacteria. This non-toxic option is a great substitute for normal toothpastes that contain chemicals and preservatives. Some powders even include mint essential oils to freshen your breath!

Instead of Plastic Tongue Cleaners…

Use reusable tongue cleaners! There are stainless steel and copper tongue cleaners in the market that won’t rust or collect mold—just purchase once and keep cleaning and reusing!

Instead of Plastic Floss…

Use biodegradable silk floss! A great alternative, silk floss is actually dipped in natural wax and coated with natural mint essential oils and is 100% biodegradable! It will do the same job as plastic floss, but won’t add to the earth’s nearly insurmountable pollution issue.

Begin Changing the World with Us at Pedodontics, P.C.!

At Pedodontics, P.C., we may be just a children’s orthodontist practice, but we believe that change begins with every individual. Let’s change individually and join together with the masses that have already begun their environmental betterment journey. If you’d like to discuss more environmentally-friendly dental options or discuss our dental or orthodontic services, please contact us directly at (402) 330-5913 to speak to our knowledgeable staff. Call us today!

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