Delicious Snacks That Are Braces-Friendly

Posted on 04/15/2020

Summertime is full of traveling to fun places with the family for quick weekend getaways, baseball games and soccer matches, and finishing up obligations to prepare for the summer long time-off. It is challenging during these moments to get healthy, tasty and easy snack ideas that align with your child’s dietary restrictions while wearing braces. You know to avoid food that is sticky or easily gets stuck in their teeth and wires is necessary to avoid, but then you start to wonder, “What healthy and tasty snacks can my child eat while having braces?” Your trusted, local Omaha, Nebraska children’s orthodontist has a few recommendations that will make preparing healthy and delicious summertime snacks easy during the duration of your child having braces to straighten their teeth into beautiful, healthy smiles.

Healthy & Tasty Snacks

Quick and healthy snacks are perfect to support you and your family’s busy summertime lifestyle. These foods are orthodontist recommended, braces-friendly and delicious snacks:

  • String cheese, cheese squares, squeezable yogurts are calcium rich dairy products that don’t get stuck in your kid’s braces and they will help rebuild tooth enamel according to health experts.
  • Sliced seasonal fruits, such as grapefruit, mangos, kiwis and fresh apricots are excellent, healthy snacks that are braces-friendly. But other fruits not necessarily seasonal, but should still be available at a grocery store are bananas and oranges.
  • Scrambled or hard-boiled eggs are great, soft foods if you are looking to get a little extra protein in your child’s diet.
  • Steamed carrots, broccoli and sweet potatoes are vegetables that when prepared properly can not easily get caught in your child’s brace wires and their fiber-rich nature makes them highly recommended by nutrition health specialists because they promote gum health.
  • On vacation, a fresh acai bowl or smoothies are excellent sources of fresh fruit for your family member with braces to enjoy and not miss out on a delicious snack.
  • Nuts and seeds are tough on your braces and wires so they can easily break a band but nut spreads such as peanut butter or almond butter are an excellent snack to have with your favorite fruit.

Foods To Avoid With Braces

There are several primary foods to avoid or be very careful eating while undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces. But as you may notice, there are still numerous alternatives and tasty options of snacks your child is able to enjoy.

  • Candy is not a recommended food primarily if it is a chewy candy or a hard candy that could break bands or brackets.
  • Whole nuts and seeds are healthy foods to eat, but consuming them whole are not recommended while having braces. They often get stuck in wires, but if ground up, they can still be eaten.
  • Tough meats to chew such as beef jerky are another food that can easily get stuck in your teeth with braces, so recommend to your child they eat this food with care.

Talk About Life With Braces With Your Omaha Orthodontist!

Eating habits can be a large adjustment when your child begins their journey to straighten their teeth with braces. But choosing braces to create an even smile is an effective choice and you can still prepare delicious snacks to enjoy during the or other seasons! Please call our office. Pedodontics is conveniently located in Omaha, Nebraska to serve the entire surrounding area with excellent orthodontic care. Schedule your appointment with our orthodontist or call our office directly. We look forward to supporting the health of your child’s smile through orthodontic treatment!

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