How Do I Know I Need Braces?

Posted on 03/17/2020

In a world where there are so many options available, why choose braces? Luckily, our orthodontists, Drs. Strunk, Dana, and Snyder have made it easy to know why selecting traditional braces is your best choice.

How do you know you need braces and not another alignment correcting appliances such as popular choice Invisalign? Well, those who actually go through the Invisalign treatment have to qualify for it—not just choose it. The Invisalign treatment is only optional for those who have minimal adjustments and minor alignment issues. Dental braces, however, are for those who have more serious alignment issues.

Because the Invisalign treatment is made up of clear plastic aligner trays that slowly change into a different, more aligned version of your teeth, the people who opt for this orthodontic treatment do not have severe alignment issues. Dental braces on the other hand, are for those who are more prone to having narrow jaws, missing teeth, or instances where impacted teeth have broken through the gum line in an inappropriate position such as on top of an existing tooth or in between other teeth, causing crowding.

What Do Dental Braces Do?

Dental braces parts are made up of dental brackets, archwires, and rubber bands which use pressure and force to push and to pull teeth into different positions. Although this seems like an aggressive approach to correcting the alignment of your teeth, it is a very effective and speedy orthodontic treatment in comparison to Invisalign. As time passes by, with each visit to your Omaha orthodontist, you’ll switch out rubber bands and create different pressure points of force to move your teeth into not only a more aesthetically appealing position to create a beautiful smile, but also a better and healthier position as teeth alignment influences oral health greatly.

Begin Your Orthodontic Treatment With Your Preferred Omaha Kids’ Orthodontist!

Orthodontic braces have come a long way in both design and effectiveness. From traditional metal braces to lingual braces and clear braces, you have an array of options to choose from when you select dental braces as the best choice to get your smile in its best shape, ever! If you have more questions concerning dental braces or are ready to begin an orthodontic treatment that has lasted the test of time, be sure to schedule an appointment by contacting our friendly team at (402) 330-5913. We hope to see you soon!

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