What is the Right Age for My Child to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Posted on 10/05/2021

Many parents are curious as to what age they should let their children start orthodontic treatment? Is it necessary? If your child has crooked teeth, chances are they’ll need braces at some point. But the truth is, there is no set age that is the best. Every child is different, and at Pedodontics, P.C., we can make a customized treatment plan just for your child. Our early treatment plan can help your child’s teeth shift as they grow, giving them straight teeth by the time they’re an adult. If you’re a parent that is curious about having your child get braces, here’s what you need to know.

Factors to Consider

  • What Problems Do They Have?– The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children visit an orthodontist at around the age of 7, or when their dentist recommends. An orthodontist can evaluate a child’s bite, oral habits, and jaw structure to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary. Some early warning signs of orthodontic problems include:
    • – Trouble chewing or biting
    • – Mouth breathing
    • – Finger sucking
    • – Crowding or misplaced teeth
    • – Difficulty speaking
    • – Cheek biting or biting into the roof of the mouth
    • – Protruding teeth
    • – Teeth grinding or clenching

    If an orthodontist identifies a tooth problem, this will require early treatment, which is when a child receives braces. Overall, most kids get braces when they are between 9 and 14 years old.


  • What to Expect During Treatment– Early orthodontic treatment helps prevent oral problems from happening and corrects issues that cannot be addressed once a child’s face and jaw stop growing. Once your orthodontist decides they need treatment, you and your child will decide what type of braces or appliance they need. Once your orthodontist decides that they need treatment, you and your child will decide what type of braces or appliance they need. Oftentimes, kids will get traditional metal braces. In other cases, kids may qualify for clear removable braces or other orthodontic devices. An orthodontist may also recommend that your child have one or more teeth removed to create additional space in the mouth.
  • Side Effects– With regular checkups and consultations, your orthodontist will take every precaution to ensure side effects are taken into consideration. While rare, potential side effects of braces can include: tooth decay, relapse (teeth reverting to original position), allergic reactions, and other issues.

Get Your Child Braces Today!

If you want your child to start early orthodontic treatment, contact Pedodontics, P.C. today! Our Omaha office offers pediatric dental and orthodontic services in one place! Whether your child needs braces or just a simple cleaning, our doctors and staff provide a comfortable environment to visit. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We are excited to help your child get started!

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